FirstScreen named in top 10 AI service providers 2018

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Posted recently (12/3/2018)

FirstScreen, the leading provider of AI-Powered Self-serve phone interview solutions, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 AI Solution Providers of 2018 by HR Tech Outlook magazine. “As a widely recognized innovation artificial intelligence solution provider that also offers a powerful diversity and inclusion reporting platform, with immense pleasure have shortlisted FirstScreen for the Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2018,” said Richard Watson, Managing Editor of HR Tech Outlook magazine.

About FirstScreen

FirstScreen is the pioneering provider of cloud-based, AI-Powered automated interviewing solutions empowering candidates to self-serve the roles for which they feel qualified while organizations quickly pin-point the true talent for which they would like to devote next steps conversation. FirstScreen is continually getting "wow" moments from companies across multiple industries. Build a competitive advantage for your company by reducing your top-level recruiting costs by over a third while delivering a significantly more engaging experience to your potential future employees.

About HR Tech Outlook

Published from Fremont, California, HR Tech Outlook is a technology magazine, which gives information about the latest technologies in the industry that helps the technology, business leaders, and start-up ecosystems to achieve business goals. A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of HR Tech Outlook magazine has finalized the “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers 2018” and short listed the best vendors and consultants. For more info, visit: HR Tech Outlook.

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