Imagine the Possibilities

Marketing Outreach

See new market insight perspectives 

through macro industry analysis

Prospect Qualification

Quick engaging calls with business 

prospects to qualify new opportunities

Automated Interviews

Find True Talent candidates to have 

deeper, valuable conversations

Reference Checks

Enable candidate references to 

self-serve their experiences

Event Feedback

Collect the richest feedback you've ever 

seen directly from your customer's mouths!

Support Center Calls

Overhaul poor IVR touch tone experiences with full transcript quick routing

Choose the right business

FirstScreen's award-winning AI platform helps speed up conversations in your mission critical business processes by allowing you to automate phone conversations using easy-to-use templates 

drag-and-drop tools 

(No Advanced IT 

Degree required!)

FirstScreen core values guiding our company decisions

About FirstScreen's History 

With over 18 years of experience in recruiting for product, program and technical teams, Jeff Amster understood first-hand that resume reviews and initial phone screens had become an extreme pain point for talent acquisition professionals, hiring managers and candidates, and it was time for the industry to take part in re-imagining the recruiting model to alleviate collective frustration. 

As someone who's had to recruit and build teams through the creation of PMOs for high-brand organizations, Jeff kept having the same challenges with his talent acquisition partners (both internal HR and external agencies): He would get a stack of resumes that looked like a great fit on paper, he'd go through all the back and forths to scheduling the phone screens, and within the first two minutes of being on the phone, it was clear the candidate's skills and experiences didn't match up. HOWEVER, he was then stuck on the phone with these candidates for 30-45 minutes out of courtesy and not hurting the company's brand in ending quickly. It was such a wasteful amount of time, that he decided that it was time to help deliver value to everyone in the hiring cycle.

Evolving to Meet New Needs

Jeff created a company and platform to short-circuit the resume stage and give every candidate an opportunity to jump into a phone screen that is SELF-SERVED and ushered by the latest in phone and business automated technologies. From the candidate perspective, this is a huge step forward, in not requiring them to spend hours trying to tailor resumes and "key word" their way into applicant tracking systems in hoping to score that first phone call - they can talk directly to their skills and experiences.  From the recruiter and hiring manager perspective, this is a monster leap forward, with empowering recruiters to quickly glance through automatic transcripts, listen to candidate audio, view intelligent highlighting of candidate bullseye thoughts, analyze pre-call details and the ability to share the entire interview to hiring managers for lightning-quick review. The latest release expands this to the next level in empowering organizations to adapt this platform to any business processes delivering extreme value and immediate ROI.

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