It is a job seeker's market, so your recruiting role is mission critical...

to find the best candidates and snatch them up quickly resulting in great employees and immediate value. You can't be burdened with your current daily grind of reviewing resume stacks, phone calls with candidates only to immediately realize they're a poor fit or even scheduling and taking reference calls when not readily available. WHY WASTE HOURS EVERY DAY!?

FirstScreen's True Talent award-winning AI digital recruiter platform (featuring MyVoice, our breakout audio feature) empowers your recruiters to reclaim their day by enabling candidates to self-serve phone screens allowing you to focus on what matters...Stronger relationships, meaningful conversations with true-talent candidates and more diverse candidate pools.

Automated Interviews

Candidates self-serve phone interviews evaluated by voice recognition cutting-edge AI.

Response Grading

Setting up interviews is easy and candidates are assessed against your company's needs.

Real-time Insights

View instantaneous candidate result dashboards and quickly filter to your True Talent.

Quick role building

In seconds, set up best-practice interviews and scoring using global interview templates.

ATS Integration

Quickly send your true talent candidates directly into your existing HR system & workflows.

OFCCP compliance

Every interview is delivered and evaluated exactly the same way aligning with federal guidelines.

3 easy steps - See a demo today

Our patented interview engine makes it simple to find true talent while saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars

Configure an interview

Define a role, your questions and what answer details are important for candidates to articulate

Post interview link

Save a link to job board postings, send to candidates and your HR portal to empower candidates to interview for the role

Review result reports

Candidates take your custom, automated interviews when they're ready while you sit back and view real-time results

We grow with you - Learn more

Where competitors lock you into expensive account tiers, True Talent provides flexibility

More user seats? No problem!

Easily add extra recruiter & hiring manager users without forced account upgrades

Company hiring surge? No problem!

Increase interview roles and even add additional features without breaking the bank

Stricter HR compliance? No problem!

We fully understand retention needs and work proactively with you to adhere to your policies