Fix Reference Check Processes to Lock in True Talent

If reference checks are not done properly, talent professionals hiring candidates that seem great could be cleaning up significant messes later on

FirstScreen featured on DigitalHRTech best in class HR podcast

Variety of recruiting trends and challenges discussed on the podcast with Jim Stroud (Top 100 HRTech Influencer 2019 and DigitalHRTech ranked top 13 HR Podcasts)

How to Attract Key Talent to Start a Meaningful Dialogue

One thing is to get eyeballs on your role, another is to actuallly chat with them

PR: Release of My Voice, next steps in personalized, automated interviews

FOR IMMEDIATE RELASE: FirstScreen, the leader in AI-driven, phone interview automation driven to bringing....

The Boost Checklist for Successful Recruiting

A very real tip list to change your luck with talent acquisition

Candidate ghosting is real, tips for increasing candidate engagement

How to tackle the very real and frustrating situation where candidates suddenly disappear

Top 10 AI Solution Provider for 2018

An exciting recognition by an industry leader

Learning From Our 2019 Hiring Trend Predictions Coming True

We made a few hiring tool educated guesses and look at the results

Technical Hire Gaps, Is Your Tech Brain Up To date?

Are you prepared for the battle? Umm...are you sure?

Tap into Passive Candidate Pools for Key Talent

Tight markets require expanding to larger candidate pools

Job Seeker Market? A New World for Recruiters

The job seeker market is here, how are you adapting to stay ahead?

Fix Poor Candidate Fit Says Recent Research

Well, it's official, time to rethink how your recruiting process works.

5 tips to interview better and score your top candidates

Whew - your interviews kind of stink, here's some quick tips to freshing things up!

How to increase diversity with new recruiting strategies and tools

Stuck in a recruiting rut? Time to diversity your candidate pools - here's a few easy tactics

How to hire smarter - get that key time back!

How to evaluate the current candidate environment (and your processes) for better hiring results

Help, my phone screen interviews are a mess!

4 quick-fix tips to getting your interview questions into shape

Why resume sorcery = foolishly trying to resurrect the fax machine

Just because auto-resume creation is new doesn't mean it's right

Time to bust some of those common recruiter myths around AI systems!

The top 5 AI misconceptions and why you really need try an AI automation system

Have no fear, how AI is putting the human back into human resources!

4 quick ways that AI will help fix the industry

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