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With a hiring frenzy around the corner...

It's important to have the right tools at your disposal to quickly find, pre-qualify and secure your True Talent to get you and your clients' businesses back to operational shape.

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Eliminating burdened, daily grinds of reviewing resume stacks and unproductive phone calls are critical for your team's success with digital platforms no longer a "nice to have"


"Within a couple days, we had quickly targeted our top talent using your automated phone interviews!"

- Director of Talent Acquisition at Fortune 500 company

True Talent Features

Automated Interviews

Candidates self-serve phone interviews evaluated by voice recognition AI

Response Grading

Easy set-up and candidates are assessed against your company's needs

Real-time Insights

View instant candidate results on your dynamic dashboards with quick filters

Quick Role Building

Set up best-practice interviews in seconds with global interview templates

Instant Transcripts

Quickly glance through candidate responses to identify quick next steps

Live Candidate Pages

Easily configure your branding and messaging to potential future employees

ATS Integration

Send your True Talent candidates directly into existing HR systems & workflows

MyVoice Audio

Record your own voice to convey organizational brand & culture

The True Talent Impact

"The most natural and painless automated interview ever!"

Sr. java developer candidate

"I set up a new role in minutes. An absolute game changer!"

- Sr. recruiter @ Fortune 500 publisher

"My team can take on more & focus on diversity initiatives."

- Talent director @ Global ad agency

How does True Talent work?

1. Configure an interview

Define a role, your questions and what answer details are important for candidates to articulate (even record your own voice!)

2. Take automated phone interview

Candidates click your live interview from job board postings, HR portals, emails or more to self-serve their interviews sending you results instantly

3. Review results & easily take action

Scored results are available immediately on your dashboard - do high-level analysis, look at specific candidates and share with your hiring managers

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