Technical Hire Gaps, Is Your Tech Brain Up To date?

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Posted recently (3/23/2019)

Make no mistake, the "war for talent" is real with increased competition in recruiting and hiring. That being said, you shouldn't feel fret that you've lost the battle given there are a host of new advances in HR technologies to help rapidly increase your chances to finding those hidden candidate gems, your True Talent. Even with low unempleoyment rates and widening skills gaps, if your internal talent pipeline processes are reviewed and enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, your organization's competitive advantage can overtake industry peers quite quickly.

How? Think of your current process at the very beginning of the recruiting journey: How many steps are manual and require a pause? Search for candidates on LinkedIn... PAUSE. Review a resume... PAUSE. Schedule an initial phone screen... PAUSE. And the list goes on!

All together, the pulse to improve recruiting and hiring processes reaps not only immediate recruiting rewards but also improves your company's culture of innovation. Now, as you know, even the slightest research on HR or recruiting technology results in a tidal wave of available solutions, designed to automate every last step in the process. It may seem overwhelming, but keep to these key points and you will be positioned for success for bringing in the best candidates the quickest.

1. Keep evolving to not become obsolete!

As you know, there are countless recruiting-related statistics out there in the world, but very little information about the people doing the hiring. Much like the roles that organizations look to fill, recruiters cover multiple generations, with a tendency to favor the younger end of the spectrum for introductory roles with more experienced/older candidates in senior positions. In terms of understanding and leveraging recruiting technology, this is an important distinction.

Each generation of the last few have had a variety of experiences with technology in their lives. For some, there was no real technology in their lives. For others they lived through the digital revolution and for others, social media and digital life is there every day. As a result, some are quicker to adopt than others, despite a significant divide. To avoid a prospective candidate being hindered, recognize technology always needs to be fashioned towards the lowest denominator. The new fancy video interviews and chatbots may be shiny but intrinsically filter out those that don't know how to set technology up (or type extremely quickly). Thankfully, there's a new set of AI platforms and services out there that find the right balance by allowing all candidates to self-serve phone interviews without any complex setup.

2. Stay current to stay compatible

As you've probably heard from your parents at some point in your life, "If you blink, you'll miss it!". Keeping in the know with the latest HR technologies is essential to always be one step ahead of your industry competitors when it comes to snatching up the best talent. One key aspect is staying on top of industry news - this doesn’t have to be in the evening. Learning and staying current are part of your job and should be incorporated into your day. Where to go to find the best source for the latest news will vary based on your industry, but a quick Google search will typically give a good introductory list of sites that can help guide you on this journey.

Additionally, it's really important to understand the key players in your industry. Go local, go national, go global. This can help in recruiting passive candidates. Thought leaders will be your guide and you their latest posts on social media (i.e. LinkedIn, blogs and newsletters) are your target for key knowledge. You cannot expect to have intelligent conversations with top talent if you are not educated.

Finally, consultants and analysts can help sort through the solutions and steer a clear path to the best tech for the organization’s hiring needs. How all of these tactics get lined up is less important than getting in the habit. The more review and refresh activities you do, the better informed you will be both in employing the latest solutions for your organization as well as engaging with the candidates for which you really DO want to have conversations. With recruiting operating as a game of risk and reward, however, the only way to stay a step ahead is to continue changing stance.

3. Be experience and content masters for technical hiring

Of course the question you've been holding on to is, "How does reading an online link help land your next great technical hire?". It may be hard to see the synergy, but look a bit deeper and indirectly, the plethora of knowledge is substantially more valuable than browsing “how to” videos on Facebook (please don't, trust me, I've just saved you hours of wasted time).

We recommend starting with tech news sites like Cnet, The Verge, TechCrunch, GitConnected, Recode, VentureBeat, WIRED and more. In addition to covering trends as well as giants of industry, you'll be able to talk the lingo of not only the trade but also technology culture as well as find information on startups, new breakout businesses, and emerging products.

4. Value beyond the headlines

Beyond browsing headlines, don’t overlook the more interactive experiences. Many publications host large-scale conferences, local events, meetups webinars, social chats and more. Find technology writers that resonate. Without following the conversation, there’s no way to comprehend its impact on everyday operations. Without staying informed, there’s no way to unlock that competitive advantage everyone’s chasing.

The talent battle does not have to be intimidating - stay true to your learning path, arm yourself with the latest tools and find ways to automate your key processes to get ahead of the pack to get your competitors to waive the white flag!

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