• Rich Feedback from a Social Distance



To represent the voice of the customer, you need to to truly understand the rich experiences, desires and value opportunities that your customers crave. Getting "straight from the heart" thoughts aren't a given, though. Smart Agent gets this trusted, key information DIRECTLY FROM THEIR MOUTHS.

The Smart Agent Impact

"This phone prospecting platform is a game-changer!"

- Vice President, Marketing

"Wow - a true picture of what attendees thought of the venue"

- Senior Director, Events

"I've never had this level of insight at my fingertips!"

- Director, Sales Ops

Smart Agent Features

Real-time transcripts

Know what your customers need with instant transcripts highlighted with your key decision priorities

Self-serve calling

Customer-driven, AI automated phone conversations that help you engage the right audiences at the right time

Drag drop scoring

Intuitively set up a behavior and lead scoring funnel to focus on the leads ready to buy based on their current sentiments

Purpose-built analytics

Make better decisions and deepen customer engagement with flexible charting and data tables to measure ROI

Demand generation

Drive more engagement with purpose-driven communications & easy approval workflows to qualify prospects 

Visual Configuration

Preview and tailor every aspect of the customer experience aligning with corporate branding requirements

Instant Alerts

Instant awareness of customer phone call activity through real-time dashboard & instant email alerts

Collaborative Sharing

Quickly share calls with your leaders to surface new business opportunities, market insights and key feedback

How Smart Agent Transforms Your Organization

Analyze & Visualize Performance

Know what's working and what's not with an included, BI-grade dashboard. With a quick view of your most important metrics, it's easy to become a data-informed marketer!

Integrate with Your CRM

Keep Sales and Marketing aligned. We can integrate with virtually any CRM to keep your data in sync so everyone is marching to the beat of the same drum

Increase Customer Loyalty

Leverage AI-powered insights and automated call capabilities to support your customers in days, not months resulting in record customer growth, loyalty and ultimately, revenue.

Dedicated Every Step of the Way

Our targeted and thoughtful onboarding and training sessions coupled with training videos and detailed step-by-step documentation can ensure your team will be ready for our easy to use platform.

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How does Smart Agent work?

1. Configure a campaign

Define a campaign, your questions and what answer themes are important for your callers to articulate

2. Take automated phone interview

Callers take your custom, automated campaigns when they're ready while you sit back and view real-time results

3. Review results & easily take action

Scored results are available immediately on your dashboard - find high-level trends, look at specific customer feedback and share with leadership

10 Time Award Winning Platform

10 Time Award Winner