• Learn how your guests really feel

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  • Learn how your guests really feel

    Review Plans
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Collect contactless, rich feedback and respond

BEFORE reviews get to friends & social media


"My partner and I were so happy with our stay. You responded quick as lightning to our feedback - it was extremely easy to give with your automated call system. Thanks!"

  -  Hotel guest using Real Guest

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Now more than ever, as your venue re-opens, it's critical to immediately know your guests' feelings on their experiences at your establishment.

Collect feedback using an easy, paperless, contactless comment card phone call.

How does Real Guest work?

See it in Action

1. Set up feedback collector

Use a call conversation template and ask questions on the digital comment card (even record your own voice!)

2. Take automated phone call

Guests use their phones to scan a code, click an 

emailed link to easily self-serve their feedback call

3. Review results & take action

Prioritized feedback notifies you immediately and is on your dashboard - look at specific calls and share with staff

Real Guest Display Examples

Room Feedback

Door Sign

Elegant Dining

Coaster Prints

Exquisite Lobby

Framed Sign

Casual Dining

Table Adhesive

Real Guest Features

Automated Feedback

Guests self-serve phone feedback evaluated by voice recognition AI

Feedback Prioritization

Surface high priority feedback 

using your company's needs

Real-time Insights

View instant guest feedback on your dynamic dashboard with quick filters

Quick Call Building

Ask your key questions in seconds using best-practice templates and drag and drop

Instant Transcripts

Quickly glance through guest feedback calls to identify quick response needs

Live Branded Pages

Easily configure your branding 

and page messaging to your guests

System Integration

Send your Real Guests directly into 

your hospitality systems & workflows

MyVoice Audio

Record your own voice to 

convey company brand & culture

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