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Posted recently (9/2/2019)

Jeff Amster, founder of FirstScreen had an amazing conversation with Jim Stroud for his "It's all Recruiting" podcast (rated Top 100 HRTech Influencer 2019 and DigitalHRTech ranked as one of the top 13 HR Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Right Away).

About Jim Stroud

Over the past decade, Jim Stroud has built an expertise in sourcing and recruiting strategy, public speaking, lead generation, video production, podcasting, online research, competitive intelligence, online community management and training. He has consulted for such companies as Microsoft, Google, MCI, Siemens, Bernard Hodes Group (acquired by Findly) and a host of startup companies. He has managed an award-winning blog, published a weekly newsletter for jobseekers, a recruiter training magazine and co-hosted a popular technology podcast. Jim has also produced multiple web series devoted to such topics as: job search, recruiting, technology and language learning and has been quoted by such publications as Globe and Mail, US News and World Report, Wall Street Journal and The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Among the many accolades, he has also been ranked as a top 100 HRTech Influencer for 2019, and DigitalHRTech noted that Jim's podcast is rated as being one of the top 13 HR podcasts that people should subscribe to right away!

About Jeff Amster, founder of FirstScreen

With over 18 years of experience in recruiting for product, program and technical teams, Jeff Amster understood first-hand that resume reviews and initial phone screens had become an extreme pain point for talent acquisition professionals, hiring managers and candidates, and it was time for the industry to take part in re-imagining the recruiting model to alleviate collective frustration. Earlier this year, Jeff unveiled his next-generation, artificial intelligence powered HR platform helping to revolutionize organization talent acquisition recruiting processes by empowering candidates to self-serve their initial phone screen interviews while surfacing True Talent candidates. He plans to usher in a new age of talent matching with the commitment to leading edge AI technologies coupled with extremely user-friendly experiences.

This interesting podcast focused on the following topics: