5 tips to interview better and score your top candidates

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Posted recently (3/3/2019)

Not finding the right candidates? It's not your breath, and you may not realize but it's most likely the questions and manner for how you're conducting your interviews. Unsuccessful interviewers are either hiring the wrong person or not finding the right people at all - don’t be among them! Did you know that 74% of employers confirmed that they’ve hired a wrong person for a position, according to a national study conducted by CareerBuilder?
If you're an interviewing newbie conducting your first few interviews or a seasoned interview deliverer, this will probably come as no surprise to you. Conducting job interviews is hard - it is demanding, can be intimidating and your hiring managers or clients are relying on you, so this is no small responsibility. As you've probably read in a host of places, hiring the wrong person can cost your company upwards of $50,000 or more, according to a global survey conducted by a leader in market research.
In order to help you recruit the right people for your company, here are top 5 proven tips that will make you a more successful interviewer:

1. No beating around the bush for what you’re looking for

Many interviewers try to hire using job descriptions found on the web. DON'T DO THIS! It is so important to dig deeper and really get into the daily activities for which this future worker will be responsible. Successful interviewers know that they need to hire the best talent by finding the perfect fit not only for their company’s culture but also to the team dynamics as well. To really grab this essence, you should capture all the skills, experience, traits and motivations of the ideal candidate in a golden candidate profile. This will help generate a good picture for which you are looking.

2. Give standard, structured and repeatable interviews

If you want to become a more successful interviewer, you should conduct structured job interviews. DO NOT WING THE INTERVIEW! It's critical to ask the same question to every candidate and to try to deliver the questions the same way for every single candidate. Thankfully, there are AI solutions like FirstScreen that can easily empower you to have your phone interviews always give the same exact interview regardless of the time - it can be 9am, lunch or midnight and your digital recruiter will always give the same interview to your candidates. Preparing your interview in advance and stick with a consistent delivery ensures all candidates are evaluated fairly and in a more objective manner to help you make better hiring decisions. Decades of scientific research have established that structured interviews are a proven procedure for predicting job performance.

3. Behavioral interview questions are your secret weapon

If you want to become a more successful interviewer, you should always ask the behavioral interview questions. These open ended questions about specific situations and skills which they experienced or used in the past are absolutely the best way to predict future job performance and role alignment. Why? Because the old style binary question format is now too easy for candidates to lie and to deceive the employer. And while on topic, please avoid those oldie style questions around "Your greatest weakness" and "Tell me about yourself" since they not only turn off candidates to your interview but also tell you nothing since a candidate's ability to memorize a poem about themselves doesn't give further proof of their abilities.

4. Body and non-verbal language can be insightful

You should learn how to read the candidates’ body language, if you want to become a more successful interviewer. Of course, this takes practice and is not necessarily easy to learn. A good strategy is to start with little insights that you can gain from candidates’ body language and work from there. Candidates’ body language won’t tell you how a candidate will perform at the job, but it can reveal how a candidate is feeling at a moment. This is very useful in a situation where candidates are trying to present themselves in the best possible light. By observing candidates’ body language, you will able to spot an incongruence between their words and the story their body is telling.

5. Make your candidate comforable - give a great experience

If you want to be a more successful interviewer, you need to focus on candidates and come up with different ways to improve the candidate experience. Things like minimizing the application process, enabling candidates to not have to tailor the resumes to job descriptions and saving candidates time to initially see if there's a fit show potential candidates that you respect their time, and they'll reward you with positive social-media driven attention. Thankfully, FirstScreen can do all of these things by empowering candidates to self-serve their interviews without needing go through intensive application processes, notifying them right away (even before an interview) that they're not a match for the role and even minimizing time on the phone through automated phone screens.

LinkedIn’s research has found that a staggering 83% of talent say negative interview experiences can change their mind about a role or company they once liked. Always treat candidates in a professional and respectful manner and go an extra mile to make a job interview pleasant for candidates.

Now is the time for you to be take control and not fall in the bad interviewer bucket. Follow these tips and we are sure you will better qualify your candidates and not be a part of that nasty statistic. We have confidence in you, go get 'em tiger!

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