Have no fear, how AI is putting the human back into human resources!

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Posted recently (12/22/2018)

Quick disclaimer - I have not blindly drunk the "robots are going to eat my medicine and take my job so I better adapt" Kool-Aid. In having many years of experience building teams (both with and without the help of talent sourcers), it is quite clear THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS BROKEN.

Here are 4 quick ways that AI will help fix the industry (yes, skeptics out there, just read below and after nodding your head acknowledging the problems - have an open mind because I have proof that your lives are about to get A LOT better!):

1. If only I had time to build stakeholder relationships

Yes, it's no surprise that you're crazy busy day in and day out. With reviewing resumes (or using your applicant tracking systems to try to filter out poor fit candidates) as well as spending tons of time on calls with candidates that somehow got through the resume review process and clearly lack even the most basic job experience requirements, there just isn't a ton of time left in your day to dedicate to your business partners. Your stakeholders are your customers and by not having time to partner with them, you're essentially guessing which candidates seem like the best fit for the organization. I'm sorry, but as a hiring manager I can tell you, it is BEYOND frustrating to receive candidates only to find out on the phone how I've just wasted 30+ minutes on each go.

With interview automation, this whole problem goes away since you will surface candidates that can clearly articulate the experiences for which your business partners are looking (and saving you all that initially burdened time!). Your stakeholders can also partner with you by taking the interviews to provide you "the perfect response" so you can nail your true talent pool on the first shot (Can you imagine the ear-to-ear grin on your hiring manager's face when they're presented with an all-star roster without you breaking a sweat?)! Which leads us to...

2. Please ask another cliche interview question, I dare you

If I had a nickel for every time I hear of candidates getting asked the "So tell me about yourself" and "What is your greatest weakness" garbage, I could have retired a long time ago. Seriously folks, this is not the 1960's - candidates have a wide array of experiences and creative solutions which are DIRECTLY APPLICABLE to the role that they are ready to tell you about. Those that are kidding themselves with the "Oh, well I ask that question to see how well they think on their feet" justification are only asking for candidates to pass immediate judgement on their recruiting experience which not only loses you quality candidates as well as gets your company negative social media dings on review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Please for the sake of (Insert your deity of preference here), leverage AI solutions so you can craft a well thought out, positive-branded experience that allows candidates to tell you about their deep experiences in specific areas of practice that can help your organization evolve and grow in new ways. The newest solutions out there let you instantly listen to how your interviews will sound so you can focus on exactly what your business partners are looking for while positively advertising your company's mission, benefits and more. Which leads us to...

3. Interview inconsistencies in delivery and scoring galore...Argh

Joe conducts his interview this way, Kayla does it this way and Sharma likes this style. You know as well as I do, that giving a phone screen yourself to multiple candidates varies in how it's delivered (not to mention when multiple people and rounds are involved it becomes an apples to bananas to kiwis %^&*$# comparison). Quite the mess, and let's not even mention scoring - Good luck in trying to put everyone's feedback into even some semblance of a fair and equitable assessment giving every candidate an equal crack at that role (as my Pappy used to say - better chance finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

Have no fear, though, because this is where the next generation HR services using AI really shine! Once you build a role, your interview will be delivered using the same warm and friendly greeting, active listening and objective scoring whether it's the very first applicant or the four-hundredth at the end of a busy day. Your digital partner does not need a beer at Happy Hour and will work tirelessly 24/7 to get you the best of the best whether it's at the crack of dawn or late at night! Which leads us to...

4. Sure, I Loooove interviewing candidates at 10pm #SaidNORecruiterEver

Just like a snowflake - every candidate is unique (Let's all collectively say "Duh!"). Ok now that we've got that out of our system - we know that not everyone is available for a phone interview during the business day (especially your true talent candidates!) and thus it's critical if you're looking to woo the cream of the crop, it's critical to be able to chat with them not only when they're available but when they're also comfortable and ready to rock the interview. Please don't start with the "Oh, well I want to get them when they're not at their best to see how they deal with stress" type of line - you can definitely ask great experience and behavior-based conversations to easily hit those areas without testing someone's exhaustion limit and labeling them as unfit for the role.

Once again, this is a KEY value-driver of AI systems in that once you publish a role, your True Talent candidates can take the interview at 6AM, lunch time, 11pm before bed or whenever they feel they concentrate, are comfortable and ready. No more worries of candidates ducking away in conference rooms, on noisy trains or even while driving to take their your calls! You will always get the latest and greatest results instantly when completed and you can then make judgements while giving yourself a pat on the back knowing you're not needlessly stressing job seekers!

So the proof? I was able to use FirstScreen to interview and evaluate over 125 interested candidates for a sales role and narrow down to the final set which I hired with only 1 hour of work! Take a quick step back - that means not having to review 125 resumes, not having to conduct 44 cultural fit phone screens and not having to conduct an additional 25 or more skill set phone screens resulting in well over 20 hours worth of work saved had I done it "the old fashion way" - a 91%+ efficiency gain allowing me to focus on bigger, more strategic opportunities.

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