Fix Poor Candidate Fit Says Recent Research

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Posted recently (1/3/2019)

With the current job seeker market in full swing, "hot off the press" research has clearly shown that two-fifths of job-seekers are being hired into new roles but are quickly discovering they have the wrong soft skills for the job resulting in over half (53%) that leave due to style or personality issues.
How clear are the findings? Take a look below:

1. Wow over half?

Research firm Vanson Bourne surveyed over 2,500 job seekers across the US as well as Europe recently indicating that the format of the hiring process had prevented them from discovering the mismatch earlier. This shouldn't be too big a surprise given the traditional, non-engaging pre-qualification process that recruiters put candidates through today, but thankfully there are new AI platforms such as FirstScreen to help candidates quickly understand the fit (or not) to prevent wasted time investment on both candidate and recruiter sides.

2. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sister!

But back to the research: only two fifths of candidates found assessments they used to apply at employers websites and social media to be straightforward (42%) and/or professional (39%). Also, a key factor, nearly a third (30%) of survey takers were concerned about the length of time pre-hire assessments take to complete. Obvious statements aside, given the amount of resume tailoring and online application forms that require re-inputting key experiences to apply for roles, candidates are none-to-happy about their current experiences. Finally, the "black hole" scenario rung true often in the research indicating that candidates felt they were in a stasis without any clear communication indicating next steps or status for their application for a role.

3. Let the candidate speak for themselves

One challenging area focused on the research, four-fifths (82%) of candidates are confident in their ability to articulate their soft skills and personality traits in an interview, many doubt that pre-hire assessments can showcase these important attributes. This is critical from the perspective of recruiters needing a way to more quickly assess candidate experiences and skill sets but doing it in a painless and engaging way. Thankfully, the FirstScreen platform does this extremely well in allowing candidates to self-serve phone interviews and empowering them to articulate the backgrounds and skills that they've used in previous jobs and experiences to showcase their fit for intended roles.

In summary, a senior executive in the recruiting industry recently noted that "This study demonstrates a real urgency for organizations to reimagine their approach to identifying and retaining the best talent for the job". So true, in that contributing to a faster, more candidate-centric application process (such as self-serve phone interviews with a digital recruiter) benefits everybody: recruitment leaders can cast a wider, more diverse net and then choose from a better qualified pool of applicants; candidates feel valued and engaged throughout the hiring process; and organizations become more cost efficient in their mission to bringing in the best talent.

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