How to increase diversity with new recruiting strategies and tools

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Posted recently (2/22/2019)

Your organization is growing but it's hard to keep up with demand. Have you realized it’s time to bring in some extra people? You’ve tried the same tired recruiting strategies with "meh" results. If it's not obvious, it’s time to rethink your approach to recruiting - so here are five areas to focus on as your organization matures:

1. Diversity reigns supreme

As been highlighted in most modern business leadership books, embracing differences between people can lead to a clear competitive advantage in workplace recruitment. Your company can be intentional about diversity and inclusion by strategically finding more diverse candidate pools, utilizing tools to track and filter well-rounded candidates, monitoring applicant statistics, and looking for candidates from a broad variety of sources. The results of these efforts will be a results-driven workforce with a broader worldview contributing to the competitive edge your growing company needs.

2. Engage candidates where they are

When it comes to finding and connecting with candidates, direct email is still the preferred method of communication, however, more companies are starting to engage on other platforms. Text and social media messaging are quickly becoming key to faster, more responsive communication with candidates, with some companies like FirstScreen empowering candidates to allow candidates to self-serve phone interviews. Pushing the envelope in this way can show candidates that you are not only willing to engage and invest in technology but also willing to connect in a more direct, personal level.

3. Metric measurement & learning

Collecting and analyzing data is essential to the recruiting process. Companies that gather data through with step of the recruiting process are more adaptable adjusting and hiring smarter in the future. From identifying popular language in job postings to finding more specialized candidates to measure in pre-hire assessments will allow organizations to integrate analytics into the recruiting process to increase the likelihood of finding and retaining superior candidates.

4. Breathe in the tech revolution

Many companies are turning to AI and automation, such as FirstScreen, for filtering, sourcing, contacting, and responding to candidates. In particular, sourcing and qualification is definitely a time drain on your recruiting team. Utilizing automated evaluation tools can surface your high-caliber candidates at the start of your search, bringin the human back in human resources and shifting the focus to the people instead of the process resulting in reducing the time-to-hire. A growing company is looking to fill roles quickly, but not at the cost of quality, and AI technology is making that goal easier to achieve.

An organization that implements these strategies will an immediate increase in recruiting success. That success will translate into a safer, more diverse, and more connected workforce. Your company is growing - don’t leave your recruiting strategy behind!

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