Voice automation with AI is here to give you power in your corner...

FirstScreen's award-winning AI platform helps speed up conversations in your mission critical business processes as well as across industries, verticals and functions, by giving you the latest in artificial intelligence powered call automation and insight analysis tools.

But what does this mean without the business jargon bingo? If you look at your role, there are no doubt areas where you need to speak with several (if not a huge population of) people, find the highly prioritized speakers and blend key concepts together. Our platform makes it ridiculously easy to do that in mere minutes with a service that's super easy to configure and operate (No Advanced IT Degree required!).

Marketing Outreach

See new market insight perspectives through macro industry analysis

Prospect Qualification

Quick engaging calls with business prospects to qualify new opportunities

Automated Interviews

Find True Talent candidates to have deeper conversations, regain time from the rest

Reference Checks

Make everyone's lives easier with allowing references to self-serve their experiences

Support Center Calls

Save customers from poor IVR touch tone experiences with full transcript quick routing

Customer Feedback

Collect the richest feedback you've ever seen using the "voice of the customer"!